Your eyes closed….. By L D Wright

Your eyes closed…..

Your not alone, use your mind and your wherever you want to go.

Set the goals you want to achieve in. Open the gates that create the dreams that become reality not just fantasy.

It’s all there, close your eyes, dare to dream. Become the author of the unwritten pages, the super hero that came to save us.

The warrior in the distant battle, power to stop tanks, end conflicts, Like the Eagle soaring, the feather to venture any weather.

Whatever your the star with the main role. Drift away returning with jewels of your mind.

Your not alone you just choose to be, sit, think for a second, see it start to happen.

Relive stories, change them up, rewind, stop, smile. See you just saw a thousand people and you didn’t even move.

Believe in yourself, powerful thoughts that belong and some borrowed but you made them your very own little story.

You can achieve anything, just breathe it all in.

Relax it’s easy, see it’s already happening. Go back to dreams and rethink the order, did it happen or did you just recreate the story.

Magical moments that grew from a thought not something you purchased but wrote with your soul like a pure genius.

Ever growing miracles created on vacations when your thoughts dared to travel and guess what your still sat & didn’t move a single muscle.

So your not alone, you can virtually time travel, extend your thoughts and the mind will follow.

It’s not a special gift but one we all possess, eyes closed you can visit anywhere,achieve anything.

Fingers write the images created sharing your visions for all to share in.

Before you know it your in the middle of your very best adventure and you still didn’t leave you just closed your eyelids.
Connect all the dots like stars in the sky, your minds a terrific roller-coaster ride.

One you can achieve any impossible task, like grains of sand with eternal endless thoughts as easy as having your eyes closed.

Lee David Wright

Dark Demons Washed in Sunlight…..

Dark Demons washed in direct sunlight…..

Dark days when my life carreared into that impossible void I so wanted and wished I’d avoid.

When your entire existence smashes into uncountable pieces. Screaming at the sky, shouting “God, Why”.

Walking in broad daylight when your heads locked in darkness and your eyes fixed on the badness.

Asking yourself question after question, not receiving the answers.

Roaming around not going forward, lost in a battle, beaten and broken, facing the fears like you’ve enjoyed the torture, when in fact your just waiting for the tears to stop to refocus.

Life and the demons you meet, glared into eyes glazed with their grief.

Oceans of turmoil, drenched in tears, battled with chaos over the years.

Turning life’s fierce announcements into smiles you lived so long without.

Banging your head from pillar to post, hanging up the fragments that almost erased your last thoughts, wearing them on occasions when the dates tick back round.

Life’s downfalls, torrid times, days you fell further than you did the last time.

Picking yourself up, dusting off the gloom, making room for You. This is your castle and it’s not made of glass, cast out what’s not needed and look forward to the rest.

You’ve been downhill far too long now it’s time to claw back up to a level playing ground.

The smiles you glowed before the sadness showed, dark shaded eyes, head tilted down, look around and what makes you tick, find that smile and totally run with it.

It didn’t kill you, it hurt like hell but your ability to shine in your darkest hours means more to yourself and how you smile at your demons.

These mental memories walk amongst your shadow so best wash your dark demons in direct sunlight.

Lee David Wright

Your Demons have left. by L D Wright

Your Demons have left…..

Is this a sickness or life’s cruel intention to let us witness our fragile insecurities blended with weakness.

Dwell upon past circumstances that broke down your entire resistance.

Withdrawn, excuses many, alone with our embedded enemy.

Shakes the core of our existence as the demon seeks to live within us.

This ain’t no love song, it’s your worst dream, creating nightmares that act out in broad daylight.

Locked in the confides of your own safe haven leaving you shaken, broken, unable.

Breaking promises you never meant to keep because this demon creates events that haven’t even happened yet.

Feeling lost when your clearly in full view, even lost in the crowd thinking your alone, its just you.

Invisible barriers tear you apart, your motivation just got up and walked. Stopped you dead in your tracks.

Doubtful thoughts and negative outlooks, losing the battle that already broke us.

Taking steps to break the chains that bind you, listening to friends, making arrangements instead of acting on what your demons voice tells you.

Opening your mouth finally letting the words out that you’ve battled to hear, asking for help without fearing the fear.

Igniting the power to create a future that your past confidence hid from all of us.

Learning that life isn’t all dark with pitfalls and gloom, excepting the push that saw you positively bloom.

Life’s many uphill and twisted lanes, getting lost but finally finding yourself again.

Looking at your reflection, introducing yourself, and seeing that smile grow now your demons have left.


Lee David Wright

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