“Keep safe”

I’d just like to say to everyone out there. Keep safe and may we all get through this crazy scary time.

I’ve just ventured out for some necessities. Recently I’ve only travelled to work and back other than calling at my dads just to check in.

Today at the local supermarket I was met with mobs of people eager to fill up their baskets, I was only there for flowers, last minute and all that. I was shocked to see all the empty shelves like the nightstaff had either forgotten their rolls or just hadn’t turned in for their shifts. By the look of things the world seems to have devoured any and all signs of pasta.

This is what I imagined life during a war. Empty shelves, extremely quiet roads and apart from necessary journeys having to stay home like we’re all under some sort of curfew as well as being rationed due to the hoarders of stomachs more important.

I hope you all get through this unscathed and those closest to you are not infected by this invisible threat.

My first concern was to look into flu outbreaks and global deaths, frankly flu outweighs the current pandemic by an absolute massive amount. I’m really concerned for those infected, for the millions with underlying health issues and I can’t stress enough that I hope this comes and goes without causing any distress directly to yourselves.

That being said I do truly believe with the sudden change, the brakes being firmly applied to the cogs of our society, life will for some time be definitely harder.

This will I hope eventually bring us all a little closer, I think we will hate the seclusion, the safe distance we are being warned about. Our hands after gallons of purification will need holding.

Keep safe and the very best of luck in the coming months.



Happy Mothers Day to all those in self isolation.

Corona virus is a deadly missile, it’s propulsion as spread its entrails throughout the world. Countless countries will fail in the coming months as reality strikes fear throughout our lands, A pandemic of global suffering not only for the infected but each and every one of us.

Published by Lee David Wright

Hi there, I'm Lee, I live in the UK in a small town called Blackburn. If I'm not working in the steel industry or training in karate, I'm out walking and taking pictures. I love taking photos and making them beautiful. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for a very long time. My writing run alongside my issues,  personal pitfalls, and experiences through life. Some experiences sad, some dark, but always honest. I treat my writing as my personal therapist., letting my thoughts out in words. This releases my inner demons and settles my personal head space.

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