Inside My Mind….. By L D Wright

Inside My Mind…..

So yesterday I freely opened up to a perfect stranger, now I’m not completely sure if this was the first time or are the words I’ve already wrote  my true witness.
Do the people who follow this blog count as an audience I relinquish my faults, my weakness, my thoughts, my history.
Writing became the therapist I invest in. Is it an A2Z of the journeys I’ve made, make, or yet to partake or do our paths cross because they’re the stories previously written. We haven’t  reached those chapters, those pages still lay unopened. Are we preprogrammed, make choices yet still end at the same outcome.
Have I sent myself to re-ab with the words I choose to write, Is this journal what I was meant to start, just took until now before I pressed send and now your reading the labyrinth from inside my mind.
They say we all have a book buried inside each and every one of us, did someone write it now we fall from those upturned pages, living out their words until we finally put the book back down again.

What I thought had sank decided to resurface, now I’ve got to write about a story that I honestly thought tried to leave me, it didn’t leave, I just forget which words to use and took a while to rearrange the pages.

My ink ran dry now my thumbs delve into the very realms, pressing the memories I find hard to let out. These icy cold reminders, thoughts thawing as I write them.

Currently there’s 129,864,880 books out there for you to feast your eyes upon so personally I’m not expecting any kind of Cult following, mines not even written yet but if you choose to read this blog then thanks, it’s all about me, my life, My Darkest Journal,Inside My Mind.
Lee David Wright

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