I Applaud YOU, You Survived….. By L D Wright

I Applaud You, You Survived…..

Unpredictable moments stick, almost haunt us. The times life changed and challenged us. We didn’t break, we thought we couldn’t handle it,  guess again, you’ve got this.

We’ve fought battles we didn’t intend to be a part of, life chose to pick on us but we don’t have to be held responsible, sometimes events happen, we are not prisoners, don’t let it dictate the outcome no matter the heartache that found you.

Life challenges  the best of us, makes or breaks us.  Stand up, this walk is one you’ll make regardless. The calm before the storm  surrounds you, before you realise the life you lived disowned you. Don’t let it take you down the paths you’ll definitely become lost on, I’ve been there so plan your routes, choose another one.

I’ve been left with scars from the battles I became part of, some brought me down  to levels I didn’t recognise, even mirrors hid it from plain sight. Life’s not about what you’ve been dragged through, it’s all about today before it left you. You didn’t change, life taught you.

Forgive, forget, only choices we are left with. The one we see today broke the  chains that shackled, you carried on and I appload you. Days are always darker just before the dawn, be thankful you get another chance, another sun.

Your here for a short time so make each given count. Pray to your God’s if that gives you strength. At the end of the day you get one chance. Look back on days that made you fight back, life can be a struggle but also a miracle to have tried, look again, You Survived.

By, Lee David Wright

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