Searching….. By L D Wright


We are all searching, somethings we find easily, others camouflaged, there yet hidden out of sight, trophies we come across, the buried treasure that someone else lost. Silver spoon or extra blankets. We’re all the same, just wear different outfits.

Walking down that lonely path until a thought provokes a smile we’d witnessed, leads us hand in hand with yesterday’s feelings. The silence stings but the birds still singing. Life carries on whatever we’ve been through.

To lose those gems you thought would stay forever, life takes your dreams, makes us walk into others. The sound of battles we found ourselves face, echoes beat each fall we embraced.

Contemplated scenarios I never dreamt possible, life is beautiful yet also so hostile. Lost digits, lost sight, broken bones, lost my most treasured love but I’ll still make you smile, laugh and joke.

Life either breaks you or makes you stand up, roll that dice, another chance, a game of luck. One we take every single step, every single second, live today for tomorrows never promised.

Some search forever, some just give up, some don’t even consider what they’ve already got. Some search for treasures all of their lives, if only they’d seen what’s infront of their eyes.

L D Wright

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