Deal with anything….. By L D Wright

Deal with anything…..

So my bones have been broken, they fixed but the memories remained. Looked into mirrors, didn’t recognise the reflection looking back at me.

Fell flat on my ass but stood up and smiled. Had arguments, debates, fights without flights, stepped back without fury as I knew I was wrong, owned my outbursts, apologised a thousand times.

I’m not perfect, no angel, god fearing not devil worshipping. Yeah I’ve been bad, gone mad, felt sadness, regret, Rock bottom and sat. Dweled upon past upsets but still carried on being me but a better version of the one before this.

My sky didn’t fall out, it just cast the shadows I can now live without.

To all those who took my kindness for weakness, well that’s your issue not mine, if our paths ever meet again who knows maybe I’ll let this Demon back out.

Dark clouds form but I’ve calmed many a storm, blown them out, lit up the sunsets,seen new day breaks, new beginnings, this clock keeps ticking. I’m nothing special, just a man going forward, travelling through life, shoulders heaving the chains from my past misfortunes.

I’ve carried that overbearing weight around my neck, carried it until it got too much and down it went. So memories of the sad times I’ve buried deep, left them there so I no longer need to heave.

Cast back from time to time like an event I once visited and left frustrated and twisted. My dark side, yeah its black but I prefer to shine so the darkness can’t connect.

The nightmares come but so do the good times and I’m living proof you can deal with anything.
I’ve fell a thousand times, got back on my feet, never gave in, no retreat, no surrender, just strong ironclad will that doesn’t shatter, cracks from time to time but this is my journey and nothings going to stop me from beating this .

Yeah I must have sighed a billion times, looked to the heavens and wiped away tears of the torment & pain I’ve been dealt. Gritted my teeth yet carried on, nothing in this life can bring me down.

I’ve faced the fears, lost the importance thats supposed to walk with you, murky pasts that capture the hauntings of yesterday’s memories. Forgot more than I remember but I do it all whilst smiling right at you.

This journey has forged the man writing the words, put down my thoughts like medals I’ve earnt, some from the victory, others made from misery, Capturing past tears like my personal career choice.

One foot forward, two steps back seems to be pages I’m creating but I’ve learnt to sidestep to get back on track. Nothing beats me, it tries but even if I’m broken I’ll still stand and come out ready to fight.

This chins bore the brunt, felt the grit, brushed it off, carried on. Stood with my head held high but humbled and respectful of those less fortunate, we all fight our battles, that’s just the way it is, what makes the difference is are you prepared to stand up and walk right through it,?

Lee David Wright

Published by Lee David Wright

Hi there, I'm Lee, I live in the UK in a small town called Blackburn. If I'm not working in the steel industry or training in karate, I'm out walking and taking pictures. I love taking photos and making them beautiful. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for a very long time. My writing run alongside my issues,  personal pitfalls, and experiences through life. Some experiences sad, some dark, but always honest. I treat my writing as my personal therapist., letting my thoughts out in words. This releases my inner demons and settles my personal head space.

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