Learn how to use it….. By L D Wright

Learn how to use it…..

Pray all you want, unless you grab it you’ll do without. We all have our crosses to bear, depends how you wear them and walk with the curse.

Had axes to grind, mind games, scenarios but they’re just the roads I’ve walked on my travels.

Known people who rain all the stormy weather and others who shine sunlight directly around us.

Friends and foes all mixed together, learning how to put them all in order. Tricksters & jinxers, filling your head space , keeping at arms length, can’t be doing with their mind games.

Some people share in your ambition, others use your faults as their ammunition. Well nobody’s perfect and not one of us saints but I’ve known a few demons, the negative attributes I cast out, rearranged.

I won’t let them sit inside my mind, had enough issues to deal with & they tried to add to it. Positive mental attitude and if you don’t fit my program I press delete and restart.

I can’t, yes you can, put your head in the game, you’ve got this,carry on. I can’t give in, I’ve got to win, if I don’t I learn, begin and start again.

Life’s a process and answers I don’t yet possess but with a little push and enough thought I’ll walk it. Anythings achievable, just learn and relish the positive outcome.

OK not everything in life is a bed of roses but the minds a powerful tool kit, breath, relax, before you know it you’ve achieved the impossible.

Talent is something your actually born with, you just applied pressure and learnt how to use it.

Lee David Wright

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