Ghosts of Yesterday’s past…..

By L D Wright

Looking through the rear view mirror of life I reflect on the memories and what they meant to my heart.

Images, events drift into yesterdays echoes etched into the past, revisiting times that crept into my thoughts.

Like we pressed rewind and stayed there a while, nice to visit the times we shared special smiles.

Good to reminise over times that follow your story,especially those when your lips easily creased upwards.

The pain mixed with happiness that wrap around our heartstrings.

An entire life of memories all blended together, picking the best,working on forgetting the negatives.

The images we keep yet others willingly delete, visiting the ghosts that sleep with our dreams.

The times we laughed, the times we cried that suddenly disappeared without saying goodbye.

We try atleast to forget yesterdays pains when the smiles drift and tears cascade.

Happiness ruined by the sadness that followed, replaced both too many times over the years.

Easy to find the sunshine covered days but it’s harder to hide from the thunder drenched in sorrowful rain.

Remembering that time when nothing really mattered then realising how suddenly life becomes shattered.

Mixed up feelings and what they meant to you, try think of the sunshine and let the smiles remind you.

The ghosts of yesterdays past, gone but we never forget. The past will follow your future, its how we smile that determines what it meant to you.

Lee David Wright

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