Good Luck by L D Wright

Good Luck…..

I’ve gained the pain as it ripped through the heart, bent me and broke the spine like a story I’d starred.

Dark times as I felt my blood pump as I reached out and screamed , no body about when I most needed help.

The shadow of my past came back to visit and left me crippled as I stood and looked right through it.

Deprived as this destruction destroyed my loving feelings and left my whole world tumbling.

Broken and left to my own devices, heads numb as I relive this nightmare I’ve lived with.

I’ve toiled with the tolerances of my consciousness, been rock bottom and clawed my way back out again.

Been here time and time again but created positive results from the negatives of my past.

This life is covered with scars, cuts you wide open, leaves you bare to the elements.

Feelings and thoughts scattered, holding onto moments when it selfishly stole what mattered, leaving you bleeding when all the glass shattered.

Bruised knuckles, grazed hands, grit covered scars after the battles. Blood, sweat and tears, chest pumping hard as you catch the next breath and carry on.

Life and its many dark forms, all out to take you and steal your soul. Mine is not for the taking, it’s staying put, you try to break me, well I wish you, “Good luck”.


Lee David Wright

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