I’ve fallen, I’m still falling, I fall every single day, difference is I always get back up no matter how much it hurts.

I’ve cried, I didn’t cry today but I still smile even though I know the pain. I’m broken, I’ve fell into a million different pieces but I’ve managed to fix myself just took a while to rearrange the picture.

I’ve been down, I’ve lost myself, I’ve wondered aimlessly until I came back full circle and I’ve turned the frowns upside down.

I’ve walked many a lonely road only to find friends around the next bend. This sadness followed me, still does every day.

Its how you react to memories that impact your feelings, life’s lessons, sad times, learn to smile again

. It’s not easy, never is but I’d rather see sunshine reflecting back at me. Storm clouds, bouncing rain, me on a bad day.

Well I stand with my head held high, not because I’m special but I refuse to give into the daily scars and pressure.

There’s a lot to smile about, just look around, if your alone then visit a memory, Take a walk, visit a friend, go for a drink, laugh like you couldn’t stop laughing, reminise about past laughs, relive the happy times.

Say hello to a perfect stranger, who knows you might make a life long memory.

So don’t dwell on things that brought you down, times that made you fall, just remember your still on your feet, you faced your defeat and whatever it was you’ve still got a smile on your face.

Like sunny summer days, chasing rainbows like you did as a kid. Pray that the rain stops, the clouds blow away and everything well its kinda OK.

Just words but if you put them into practice and live each day like this, well I hope it helps, even just a little.

Life doesn’t last forever but if you look back on smiles then I suppose it’s all more than worth it and if you smiled whilst you spent your time reading then I suppose my Aim truly made it.

By, Lee D Wright

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